Implementing and maintaining a data warehouse applications requires both functional knowledge in data warehouse modelling and technical knowledge in designing the complex data workflow. Even a good system built by external experts require staff to be properly trained to operate and maintain it. Whether you are a power user, business analyst or a data warehouse implementer, we understand your needs and have the workshops and courses for you.

As the specialists in WhereScape automation software in Asia, we have trained over 100 data warehouse practitioners in Asia.

Technical Courses

Basic SQL Query


Whether you are an IT developer or a tech-savvy user, SQL is an essential skill to perform your own data "CSI" work when you suspect some data is incorrect in your reports. In this course, we will teach you the basic construct of a SQL query and how to formulate more complex ones.

Advanced SQL Programming


 Every data warehouse practitioner will run into some complex SQL codes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, why not grab them by the horns? We will teach you the advanced SQL skill you need to support a data warehouse based on our own real-world project experiences.

WhereScape 3D


If you are new to WhereScape 3D software, we can teach you the tips and trick to perform data discovery, profiling, target data modelling and all the way through to deployment of target model using WhereScape RED.

WhereScape RED I


Welcome to the era of agile data warehousing using the leading data automation software – WhereScape RED. This training will cover the basics of data ingestion, transformation in staging tables, creating Type 1, 2, 3, 4 dimensions and wrap up with the fact table creation. A perfect course for rookies in data warehouse development and even tech-savvy users!

WhereScape RED II


If you need to make regular enhancement to the data warehouse, then you want to learn the advanced WhereScape RED functionalities like summary/roll-up tables, cloning objects, project organization, merging new data sources and job management. Your data warehouse is a valuable investment so is a good training for yourself.

WhereScape RED III


If you have completed WhereScape RED I & II training, then you can learn how to develop custom codes with the use of dynamic parameters. Certainly, migration of data warehouse objects from DEV to PROD is a must-know and so is archiving data in Operational Data Store (ODS). Finally, we will also cover performance tuning of your data warehouse.


Data Warehouse Foundation


If you are planning to embark on a data warehouse initiative, then it is important to align the users, IT and department heads to the purpose, benefits and challenges of a data warehouse? This one-day workshop will build the foundation for your upcoming data warehouse projects and avoid expectation mismatch esp. between IT, users and management.

Dimensional Modelling Essential


Dimensional Modelling invented by Ralph Kimball is the most widely practiced data warehouse modelling discipline globally. You may heard about Star Schema, Dimension/Fact tables, Type 2 Dimension, Measures etc. What do they really mean and how to apply them in your data warehouse design? This workshop is created specially for you.

Experience Data Automation


Data Automation greatly reduces the time, cost and risk of your analytics and data warehouse projects. In this workshop, even a non-IT user can build a data warehouse in less than 2 hours fully documented! It's too good to be true? Check out our next workshop date here. It’s FREE and only limited seats are available!