Our expertise is centered around data and analytics – something we are truly passionate about. We embrace agile and data-driven approach to our projects because traditional ETL tools with the SDLC ("Waterfall") project approach do not work well for data warehouse and analytics projects. Today, the agility and speed to change is the only way to ensure your data warehouse applications will survive the fast-changing business requirement.

"Each data warehouse is continuously evolving and dynamic. A data warehouse cannot be static…" Ralph Kimball (inventor of dimensional modelling)

"The classical system development life cycle (SDLC) does not work … the SDLC assumes that requirements are known." Bill Inmon (the inventor of data warehouse)

We believe automation will greatly accelerate time-to-value and reduce the cost/risk of your projects.


Our Core Services

Data Profiling

 Data captured from business operations is often a good starting point to derive useful information. However, many organizations struggle to understand their source data and data structures disperse across files and databases, on-premise and on-cloud. Our data investigation service will uncover and catalog your data assets so that you can better secure or make use of your data. 

Data Warehouse Implementation

 Data warehouse is a well-governed and modeled "single source of truth" for your organization serving the masses with trusted information. Some organizations implement a hybrid data warehouse and Hadoop architecture as complementary solutions to meet different data requirement. Whether you are exploring a data warehouse or lake solution, we have the skills to deliver.

Data Visualization

Data warehouse projects are useful to the business only if the sanitized data can be accessed in user-friendly ways. We work with modern data visualization and discovery software such as Tableau and Power BI to deliver the information you need. With trusted data integrated in the warehouse, you can access your data anywhere, anytime you like!

Data Quality Assessment

Good data quality is the foundation of trust that spurs high adoption rates in analytics and data warehouse applications. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with data quality issues especially with their master data. We can help you perform data quality checks and identify the patterns in the ‘dirty’ data. Data cleansing can be a tedious process so let us begin with a data quality assessment first. 

Data Vault Implementation

Data Vault is invented by Dan Linstedt as a system of data warehousing and business intelligence designed for solving enterprise level issues such as agility, scalability, flexibility, auditability and consistency. Data Vault is composed of three pillars: Architecture, Model, and Methodology. Automation can greatly reduce the complexity and costs associated with building data vaults.

Data Warehouse Health Check

 The data in your warehouse grows rapidly with change requests pouring fast. Over time, your data warehouse may take longer time to complete data processing jobs or BI queries. We can review your data warehouse model, data processing flows and database engine tuning to suggest improvements. If you are operating a WhereScape-built data warehouse, we are the perfect partner you need

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